A preservative in the food is not healthy

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There is hardly any food in our supermarkets that carry not an impressive list of color and preservatives on the packaging. Most of the terms are the ordinary consumers completely unknown and are therefore often ignored. Although foods are, at least in Germany, relatively tightly controlled but it should not stop you from this, to care for what you take every day to himself.

In preserving foods, it is all about, to make it durable and to eliminate dangerous, disease -causing bacteria. We have become so used to it that our food is durable, that we often do not question why. Since chemical preservatives in high amounts can be harmful well, more and more manufacturers begin their food with the words " Without chemical preservatives " honor . This is of course mainly from marketing reasons, because society always begins to pay more attention to the naturalness of one's diet.

The preservation of food is not fundamentally unhealthy. In small amounts, even chemical preservatives are most likely harmless. One considers, however, the fact that we consume a lot of such materials over the years, which makes avoiding or reducing such substances in their own food sense. Especially on chemical preservatives should best be dispensed with entirely.

There are also quite unproblematic methods by which food can be preserved. Natural substances such as salt and vinegar can be used for problem- preservation. Methods such as salting and boiling have been the norm for thousands of years and provide for the health no danger dar. So if you want to play it safe, which should make the effort to examine the food at the grocery store on their accessories and wherever possible to those without artificial preservatives recourse.

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